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What are major trends and recent developments in airline distribution?


What does all this mean for us as an airline in a competitive environment?


How can we keep up?

How does our distribution footprint compare to industry benchmarks?


Are our unit cost competitive?


What are our strategic, commercial and technological pain points?

What is the best distribution strategy for my airline?


Is it better for us to be a first mover, a fast follower or late to the party?


How do we achieve a channel mix balancing reach and economics?


How do we regain/retain control of our offer and of our distribution cost?


How can we best engage with our passengers without an intermediary whenever possible?


How do we develop and distribute targeted offers based on customer segments and needs?

How do we best prepare for negotiations with distributors (GDS) and travel agents?


What is our best alternative to a negotiated agreement? (BATNA)


How do we best recover channel specific distribution cost?

How can we anticipate what my customers are looking for and where they will be looking for it?


How can we best leverage upsell potentials?








Comprehensive understanding of the role of distribution and the different players in the value chain


Overview of current distribution dynamics in terms of strategy, commercials and technology


Conclusions on “What does all this mean for my airline?”


Ideas on “How can my airline keep up?”


Open Q&A session

Comprehensive status quo assessment of distribution and sales priorities and supporting IT infrastructure highlighting

  • Contract obligations and freedoms

  • Competitive position

  • Up-to-dateness

  • Strengths to build on

  • Recommended improvements


Scan for quick wins


High-level options for evolving the current distribution approach


Suggestion for next steps including timeline

Alternative distribution strategies

BATNA definition (Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement) to negotiate with confidence


Quantitative and qualitative evaluation


Recommendation for most suitable distribution strategy


GDS negotiation goals


Refinements based on airline’s feedback

High-Level Distribution transformation game plan 

Continuous drive for and support of implementation


BATNA readiness


Negotiation approach, sequence and team


Financial model for negotiations


Continuous steering of and guidance through  negotiations


Review and comment on legal drafting


Distribution product development in line with new strategy

New distribution contracts in effect


New products


Channel and agency steering set up


New distribution governance and processes established


Amended distribution organization


Change management concluded

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